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How Does It Work Renting A RV?

Locate An RV, Rent An RV, Let An RV - RVCamperLocator.Com - RVs are Fun and Easy to Drive and can give you the best holidays of your life!

  • We are the intermediate between you as the owner or fleet-operator of RV, Camper or Motorhome and renters located all over the world.
  • RV, Camper or Motorhome owners, managers and renters have a secure place to list and rent all different types of motorhomes on a worldwide basis.
  • We require quality vehicles for rent located all over the world located in all countries.
  • We offer a secure way to let and rent RV, Camper or Motorhome enabling people to see those areas of the world they have always dreamed of and for RV, Camper or Motorhome owners or operators to make a return on their investments.
  • Owners and Fleet Managers have complete control over their prices, availability, and the rules of use of their RV, Camper or Motorhome. Owners and Fleet Managers can arrange in direct concert with the rental client what the limitations of the availability of their vehicle may be, such as: down-payment, pick-up and drop-off locations and dates/time and to which areas, or distance, the rental client is allowed to take the RV to.
  • Owners can generate interesting incomes varying from $10.000 or even $50.000 annually depending upon the frequency they are prepared to rent their vehicle out and the type of vehicle they offer.
  • Listings are free to the Owners and Fleet Managers. It is important that you provide a clear and detailed description of the RV, Camper or Motorhome, including technical details, make, year, is smoking and are pets allowed etc. plus some good pictures of the vehicle. The more complete and detailed descriptions are, the more bookings you will get.
  • When your RV, Camper or Motorhome is listed, you will receive inquiries from interested renters. You can work with the renters to agree on terms and prices directly from your account. RVCamperLocator.Com is always there for both the owner as well as the rental client to assist in completing any details regarding finalizing a rental agreement.

    Example 1:
    A US rental client is interested in renting a camper in France for a tour in France. He can either decide to book a Package Tour Travel offered at RVCamperLocator.Com by a professional RV Tours Operator, or contact a private Camper owner in France that advertised his/her Camper on RVCamperLocator.Com and create a rental agreement with the advertiser. The US rental client picks up the car from the location where the RV Tours Operator will make the vehicle available or, in the case renting from a private individual, at the owner's home or RV parking facilities. A return location is also agreed which usually is the pick-up location.

    Owners and rental clients will have to adhere to 's rules of use including good parenthood by the renter which means that he or she is obliged to keep the vehicle in original condition during the times the vehicle is being used. The owner is obliged to maintain and deliver the vehicle in tip top condition technically and visually. The RVCamperLocator.Com review system ensure quality vehicles and rental clients.

    Example 2:
    A UK vehicle owner offers his vehicle for rent at RVCamperLocator.Com. He only allows his vehicle to be used in the United Kingdom and finds a rental client through this website. All other conditions go as described under Example 1. The owner sets the conditions and the rules for the rental of his vehicle. The rental client has to accept these conditions.

    Payments to the owner or operator are made and guaranteed by RVCamperLocator.Com

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  • RVCamperLocator.Com - Locate An RV, Rent An RV, Let An RV
    Christiana Mall. 723
    Ste 1840 Newark - DE 19702
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